Best Anti-Anxiety Medications

Best Anti-Anxiety Medications
30 Jun

Best Anti-Anxiety Medications – If you are suspected with the anxiety disorder, you need to get treatments. Anxiety can be known as a medical condition which could not go away by its own. There are several types of anxiety disorder and each case is different. You need to see the mental health experts or medical doctors to decide the best anti-anxiety medications and treatments. Perhaps, you have another condition which needs to be treated along with your disorder of anxiety. The certain condition is only diagnosed by the doctors. Most of patients with anxiety disorder are treated with the combination of anti-anxiety drugs and psychotherapy. The purpose is to help the patients to manage their anxiety so you can feel better in facing the days.

There are several anti-anxiety medications which are available to treat the anxiety. The primary difference among the various anxiety drugs is the effect which affects the brain. Each patient with anxiety disorder is different so that you need to find the proper medications by involving error and trial. You need to remember that anxiety drugs do not give cure of anxiety. However, the drugs can be helpful to manage and control the symptoms while receiving psychotherapy. Here are several approved medication which can be taken to treat anxiety.

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This kind of anti-anxiety drugs is usually taken to give the short term anxiety treatment. Benzodiazepines are popular with their sedative qualities. They can also increase the drowsiness, form habit, and affect the memory and balance. Because of increase epidemic of abuse, it is crucial that the medications can be the perfect choice to treat short-term anxiety until more useful and more effective therapies are taken. For panic disorder, this drug can be taken for a year without getting harm.

Benzodiazepines which are taken to treat the anxiety disorder are Buspirone; lorazepam, also know with ativan which is taken for treating panic disorder; diazepam, or valium which can be taken for social anxiety disorder and generalized anxiety disorder (GAD); clonazepam, also known with Knlonopin which can be used to treat GAD and social phobia; chlordiazepoxide, also known with Librium which can be taken for treating and relieving short term anxiety; and alprazolam, also known by Xanax which can be used for relieving GAD and panic disorder.

Those medications can be taken for treating and relieving both chronic anxiety and short-term anxiety disorders. The drugs can be used to several weeks to be fully effective. There are side effects which come with and the side effects are headaches, nausea, and dizziness.



Antidepressant drugs affect the brain chemicals which can relay messages, also known with neurotransmitters. This kind of drugs can be taken for relieving and treating the symptoms of anxiety. However, this type of drugs could not relieve the symptoms instantly. The drugs usually need 4 up to 6 weeks to provide the effects which are noticeable.

One type of antidepressants which are often used to relieve the anxiety is selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). SSRIs can be grouped as one of best anti-anxiety medications. The drugs can act by interacting with a neurotransmitter which affects the sexual desire, sleep mood, appetite, and memory, also known as serotonin. This drug usually is taken in lower doses and increasing gradually until the patients with anxiety disorders feels the beneficial effects.

Description: anti-anxiety medications are many. The medications can be found easily. There are antidepressants and Benzodiazepines that can be used.


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