Best Foods for Weight Loss Diet

Best Foods for Weight Loss Diet
01 Jul

Best Foods for Weight Loss Diet  Diet is very important for you who are fat. Overweight and obese have the higher risk of some diseases like diabetes, heart disease, etc. So, what you need is food diet. Food diet does not only reduce your body weight but it also helps you improve your health wholly. However, choosing healthy foods is not that easy. So, if you are interested in weight loss diet, you should plan the following healthy foods:

Whole Eggs

As we know, egg is one of the biggest sources of protein. A study shows that proteins is very effective to burn fat and lose weight. That is why eggs belong to one of the best weight loss foods. In this case, I suggest you to consider whole eggs. There are 2 parts of egg. They are whites and yolks. Most nutrients contained in eggs found in the yolks. So, you cannot skip consuming the yolks when eating a whole egg. Egg is good for any meal including breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snack.

diet foods whole eggs

Leafy Greens

Leafy greens also belong to one of the most recommended foods for diet. There are many kinds of leafy greens that you can consume. The best one is spinach. Even more, spinach can be considered as the healthiest vegetables. Besides spinach, Swiss chards, collards, kale, and some other leafy greens are also good for losing weight. In fact, they contain certain properties that are perfect for diet. They are also low in carbohydrate and calories but they are rich in fiber. In addition, leafy greens also come with antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins that improve your health and burn your fat faster.


Salmon is also recommended for weight loss. Contains low calorie, salmon can keep you satisfied longer than usual. Besides that, this fish is also rich of protein where it can help you lose weight. Then, it also comes with healthy fats that are useful for diet. In addition, it also supplies iodine and other nutrients needed for your body. In addition, salmon also contains thyroid that can optimize the metabolism. Even more, it also has omega 3 fatty acids that can lower obesity. Alternatively, you can consider other oily fishes such as herring, sardines, trout, and mackerel.

salmon diet food

Cruciferous Vegetables

If you want to lose your weight, you should consider consuming cruciferous vegetables. These vegetables include Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli. Like the common vegetables, they contain high fiber that makes you feel satisfied longer. Besides, they also contain high protein, fiber as well as low energy density that make them perfect for diet. Besides good for weight loss program, those vegetables are also useful to prevent or treat cancers.


Tuna also belongs to low calorie and high protein foods. It is a lean fish so that it does not contain much fat. Tuna becomes one of the most favorite foods for body builders because it can help you build muscles and burn fats faster. For the optimal protein intake, I suggest you to prioritize choosing a tuna that is canned in water, not oil.

tuna fish


This is another best food that I can recommend for your diet. Even though nuts contain high fat, they are not fattening. Nuts are perfect for snack because of the high protein intake. Besides protein, nuts also contain healthy fats and fiber. All those nutrients are very beneficial to optimize metabolism so that nuts can increase weight loss and overall health. That is why nuts become one of the most favorite foods for many people. So, it is a good idea to plan your diet with nut snack.

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