HCG for Weightloss: An Extreme Diet Injection

HCG for Weightloss: An Extreme Diet Injection
06 Jul

HCG for Weightloss: An Extreme Diet Injection  Today, there are many problems related to body weight. From various weight problems, the most common and popular problem is overweight or obese. It is a condition where you are too fat so that your body weight is above the normal. Of course, it is very annoying. Even more, it can also cause the worse conditions and may lead various diseases. Therefore, you have to lower your body weight. There are many diets that can help you. If you want an extreme diet, HCG for weightloss can be a good idea.

What Is HCG?

Before we discuss more about HCG for diet, it is important to know more detailed about its definition. HCG is an abbreviation that stands for Human Chronionic Gonadotropin. It is a natural hormone that is produced by placenta on the pregnant women and controls almost all the metabolism function through the hypothalamus gland during the pregnancy.

hcg for weightloss

In relation to the HCG that is used for diet, it is a variant from HCG that is usually used for fertility care and in the smaller dosage. All kinds of HCG purposed in medic all synthetic, made in the laboratory from sterile cells. Besides that, it is also not taken from the urine of pregnant women or animal urine like what we often hear.

How Much Weight Will You Lose from HCG Diet?

HCG for weight loss diet is a good choice because it is well known with the effectiveness. What can you expect from this extreme weight loss diet? A study shows that people who tried this weight loss diet can lose their body weight about a half up to a kilogram a day. However, it does not happen to all people. A pooling done by Diet Info Blog shows that 46 percent of people averagely lose their body weight about a half kilogram in a day through this diet. Of course it is really great. That is why this is called as an extreme diet.

What Should You Prepare before HCG Diet?

Before you decide to take HCG for weightloss, you need to prepare everything needed. Firstly, the doctor or the practitioner will require you to take a blood test and also check the general health. It is very important to make sure that you are in a good health when taking this weight loss diet. For the individual injection, generally there is no specific preparation needed. After the doctor or the practitioner injects the HCG to you, the process of specific sterilization is needed. Besides that some certain steps are also needed to reduce the discomfort during the injection.

hcg for weightloss

How to Inject HCG for Weight Loss

There are 4 parts of your body that need to be injected. They are upper arms, hips, stomach, and thighs. However, if you consider injecting HCG diet for weight loss, there are only 2 parts that you should inject. They are stomach and thighs. For the arms and hips, it is too difficult to do this without any help.

When you inject your stomach, you should inject HCG to your stomach about 3 fingers from the navel. Do not ever inject HCG less than 3 fingers from the navel, but more than 3 fingers are allowed.

For the upper thigh injection, you should measure about an arm from the knee. Besides that, you also need to measure about an arm from the groin. The area between them is the best area for HCG injection. Do not inject HCG on too high area because it is easier to get bruised. Hopefully this can be a useful guide for you who are interested in HCG for weightloss. Learn more about HCG here, especially about HCG Canada


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